kensho loft –
a space for tangible

It’s time for a new space.

Where we focus on personal encounters. With ourselves and others. A space to feel connected. To discover meaning and purpose. To create resonance. And to grow beyond ourselves.

A space to create energy that lasts. As a memory in our minds, and a feeling in our hearts. During social days, workshops, coaching sessions, team buildings, networking events and leadership programs. In just a few hours or throughout an entire day. We give big topics the room they require. And little things the attention they deserve.

It’s time for a space in which we shape the future. Ours, and those of the companies we work with. Where we can explore and boost inspiring ideas, question things openly and come up with answers together. By thinking out loud – or quietly. About more fulfilling and meaningful ways to live and work.

kensho loft is a business location that touches and inspires. It gives room for you to develop your potential. It is what you make of it.  

Create an experience

The interior design of the kensho loft oozes its vision. Conscious. Smart. Professional. With state-of-the-art technology. Here, you can bring a variety of experiences and events alive. Exclusive, inspiring, and always at eye level with your guests or participants.

Workshops, Coachings & Experiences

Team development & -Events

Leadership Development

Executive Dinner & Networking Events

Keynotes,& Lectures & Theme Days

Pop-up Experiences & Product Presentations

Discover the possibilities

Six characteristic areas, united in a unique spatial concept. For exchange. For being attentive. To work. To inspire. To meet and to set out. Into a new time.

Working Space

Inspiration Space

Social Space

Kitchen Space

Meeting Space

Mindful Space

Outer Space

Realise the possibilities

kensho loft is a space of possibilities. We design the space according to your creative imagination and needs: plenary seating, with various work islands or bar tables. You decide which equipment suits your event.

Team event seating
Team event seating
Workshop seating
Workshop seating
Plenary seating
Plenary seating

You are planning an extraordinary

business event?

We will coordinate with you how kensho loft can be your best possible space for this.

Choose your service package

The experience at kensho loft is available in three variants. Each package can be booked for a full day or for several days. All prices are exclusive of statutory value-added tax.

kensho experience #space

The kensho loft can only be booked in combination with one of the three packages #drinks & snacks, #food or #morefood.

  • Space

Rent (8:00 – 18:00)


3 whiteboards, 10 sqm writable wall, 10 sqm pin board, Post-it pads, white board markers, facilitation case
  • Technology

2x 65 inch digital screens (1x digital whiteboard), Free Wifi (250Mbit), Apple TV, Peavey Sound System, Shure Microphone, Rode Wireless Go, Sonos Port.

Furthermore, a professional streaming studio with 12 sqm green screen, 3 Blackmagic Full HD Studio cameras, Blackmagic Atem Mini Pro ISO, Telepromter etc. is available on request.

  • Services

Set up & disassembly, Refill, Disinfection, Cleaning

  • Professional kitchen

Fully equipped with gas stove, gas grill, wok, steamer, pizza oven, wine fridge, BBQ possibility with grill on balcony etc.

  • Exclusive service

Hybrid Workshop Package (Logitech Rally Plus + 3 Apple iPads): 200 €

Overtime from 18:00 to 22:00: 280 € (flat rate)

Alcoholic Beverages, Food (Catering for Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner)

Room charge 1.200,00 €
plus VAT

kensho experience
#drinks & snacks

    Viva con Aqua, Infused Water, ChariTea, Lemonaid, Kaffee & Tee, Obst & Snacks

+ 25 € per person
plus VAT

kensho experience


  • FOOD
    We arrange a delicious food package for you consisting of a sweet or savory breakfast and a lunch bowl.

    Breakfast sweet
    Granola Bowl, Mango Yoghurt Bowl, Chia Pudding or Acaí Bowl

    OR Breakfast savory
    Avocado or hummus roll

    Tokio Bowl, 1001 Nights Bowl or kensho Bowl. With nut or spicy dressing.

    Subject to change without notice. All details in our brochure.

+ 50 € per person
plus VAT

kensho experience


    We’ll put together an indulgent day of sweet and savory breakfasts, a lunch bowl and an afternoon appetizer.

    Breakfast sweet
    Granola Bowl, Mango Yoghurt Bowl, Chia Pudding or Acaí Bowl

    Breakfast savory
    Avocado or hummus roll

    Tokio Bowl, 1001 Nights Bowl or kensho Bowl. With nut or spicy dressing.

    Afternoon Appetizer
    Banana bread, coconut-almond-cherry bread, pumpkin-maroon bread, apple-hazelnut bread or cake on advance order.

    Subject to change without notice. All details in our brochure.


+ 65 € per person
plus VAT

Taste the difference

For an all-round successful event, healthy, wholesome dishes must not be missing. After all, eating together also connects people and, at best, provides a great treat for the palate.

Healthy breakfast, signature lunch or live cooking in the evening. With our local catering specialist CLAUS Eismanufaktur & Deli, we give your event a culinary highlight: The selection ranges from a sweet Granola Bowl, to hearty avocado strudels, to our colorful Signature Bowls. You can taste that the ingredients are natural and free of artificial additives. Because ordinary is different.

“We place great emphasis on freshness and taste and want to convey our love of the product with every dish. Precisely because of our concept, we are constantly on the lookout for new trends and like to surprise with new creations, while never disregarding the classics,” says the trio of managers from CLAUS.

We are happy to sweeten your event with this special culinary offer. Discover our two foodexperiences or let yourself be tasted live by cooking professionals on request.

What makes the kensho loft unique

Centrally located

In the East end of Stuttgart. Well connected to public transport. Just a few minutes’ drive from the central train station. Our location allows for a relaxed arrival. With public parking closeby.

Individually designed

We explore and design your future on 190 sqm. Located in a building with an industrial history. Depending on the requirements, equipment and seating, the kensho loft offers room for 10 to 60 people.

Functionally designed

High-quality workmanship. With natural and eco-certified materials. For an inspiring feel-good atmosphere. Here, design and function meet and become one.

Analog and digital

Workshop tools, flipcharts, displays, and a professional streaming studio. For a lasting experience. In any form. Digital. Analog. Hybrid.

Conceptually smart

kensho loft is more than just a business location. Experienced consultants, trainers, facilitators, speakers and experience designers develop the right concept for organizations and people who go through change and transformation.

Dive into the philosophy

Working and feeling good is no contradiction. Ideally, our work contributes to an overall relaxed lifestyle. With perfect conditions for developing your potential. Welcome to the true meaning of kensho. A term from the Zen tradition, it refers to the experience of awakening during which a person recognizes his or her true nature.

A small word with great meaning.

Experience yourself. Consciously feel who you are. Who you want to be. Every day. So simple, and, yet, so challenging. Life is a continuous development. Our environment serves as a mirror in which we can recognize ourselves. The kensho loft is your space to reflect and resonate. Here, you can feel, experience, and let go.  

In workshops, co-creation, keynotes and coaching sessions. This is where people and organizations approach their real core. Driven by an enthusiasm for transformation, change and leadership. Kensho loft is the heart, generating pulses which takes you on a journey to yourself. 

Co-create with professionals

For a special experience, not only the room, but also the content must be right. A selection of exceptional experts will give your event that special impact.

Workshop Design
& Moderation

Keynote Speaker

& Trainers

Get to know the partners

kensho loft is more than a business location. Together with our partners we create unique experiences for you.

Claus Eismanufaktur


The kensho loft has a wonderful energy and offers so many possibilities to create a business event professionally and very special. It’s a great place to meet on many different levels.

Silke, Human Resources CEU

albrings + müller ag

With the kensho loft, a space was created in which one can open up on the one hand and on the other hand also work constructively together on certain topics. And that is what we have done. We have taken away important impulses for us, not only in terms of content, but also in terms of our development. We are grateful, feel in good hands here and can also say at this point that the premises have contributed to this.

Christian & Steffen, Founders & Board Members

Claus GmbH

The room had a very calming but at the same time focusing effect on us. We immediately sensed that it was possible to work effectively and communicate with each other in this atmosphere.

Julian, Chef & Managing Director


A great location, which is thought out and equipped with so much attention to detail. A perfect place to give free rein to new thoughts and to work on them together.
In addition, a wonderfully organized team that made our team day at the kensho loft perfect.

Katrin, Senior Project Manager

SNP Group

The kensho loft has a wonderful energy and offers so many possibilities to create a business event professionally and very special. It’s a great place to meet on many different levels.

Silke, Human Resources CEU

Give your event a special space.

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