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for events, workshops and private dinners

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The kensho loft is Stuttgart’s jewel among event locations – an urban retreat that combines business and private dynamics in an urban, inspiring ambience.

Ideal for team building, seminars, coaching, corporate events, networking and creative workshops, it promotes innovation and creativity.

The kensho loft is also popular with social media producers, photographers and film professionals as a photo and film location.

It is also ideal for cultural and private events such as readings, concerts, private dinners and celebrations.

Discover a versatile location that is suitable for every budget and can be booked with or without catering.





Advanced Training


Company Events

Networking Events

Formal business meetings


Dinner Events

Executive Dinner

Private Cooking







Product Presentations

Photo and Film Shootings

Discover Stuttgarts most beautiful location

Recommended from the heart.




Kinderstiftung Stuttgart

It’s been a long time since we’ve had the opportunity to reflect on our work, our projects and our teamwork together in the same place. We were able to do this particularly well in the absolute feel-good atmosphere in the kensho loft. The space has so much warmth and attention to detail. The furnishings are brilliant and everyone immediately felt welcome.

Silke Schmidt-Dencker, Geschäftsführerin Stuttgarter Kinderstiftung


For me, arriving at kensho loft means taking a deep breath and giving people space. Taking time, creating space for conversation and exchange – more important than ever in our hectic working lives in order to grow together.

Katja Schneider, Initiative culture@NewWork und Agile Coach


The kensho loft is the most beautiful event location in Stuttgart! The feedback from the participants was overwhelming. My first choice for all future events. We would love to come back.

Stina Spiegelberg, Gründerin FEMschool


Tobias Mayer and his team have created a very special place. Full of positive energy, creativity and service that leaves nothing to be desired. A little gem in Stuttgart.

Silke Vetter, Business Coach & Beraterin für Führungskräfte

Kinderstiftung Stuttgart

Many thanks to Tobias and his team for their hospitality. You have created a wonderful oasis that combines creativity, mindfulness and business. This feel-good atmosphere is an inspiration in which energy and thoughts can flow evenly.

Stefanie Liebig, Projektleiterin Stuttgarter Kinderstiftung

albrings + müller ag

With the kensho loft, a space was created in which people can open up on the one hand and work constructively together on certain topics on the other. And that is what we have done. We have taken away important impulses for us, not only in terms of content, but also in terms of our development. We are grateful, feel that we are in good hands here and can also say at this point that the premises have contributed to this.

Christian Albrings & Steffen Müller, Gründer & Vorstände


A great location that has been thought through and equipped with so much attention to detail. A perfect place to give free rein to new ideas and work on them together.
Plus a wonderfully organized team that made our team day at kensho loft perfect.

Katrin Kehrer, Senior Project Manager

Deutsche Telekom

I was particularly impressed by the stylish and cozy interior, the perfect mix of business and coziness. The organization with the Kensho team felt like working with colleagues and was therefore very effortless. The Loft is technically well equipped, from Sonos to Apple TV & Smart Whiteboard. The catering was varied and definitely not 0815. kensho Loft was a great location for our event and our team size, so I would be happy to recommend it for similar events! Thank you for the good time.

Deutsche Telekom, Workshop Teilnehmer*in

Always in focus. Our customers.

Welcome to the kensho loft.

The stylishly refurbished 190 sqm kensho loft combines industrial charm with outstanding interior design and creates a meeting place. It focuses on the essentials – people and their relationships.

The open room design combines six characteristic areas into a flexible concept that invites you to relax and immerse yourself in transformative experiences. Use the space as you wish – versatile and always new.

Working Space

The Working Space enables variable room design depending on requirements. Larger groups can engage in dynamic discussions in an open atmosphere.

Inspiration Space

In the Inspiration Space, ideas become the connecting element.
In an environment that offers peace and focus.

Social Space

Kitchen Space

The kitchen area provides the stage to create something new together in a casual setting, not only in culinary terms but also communicatively.

Meeting Space

The sliding doors allow participants to isolate themselves from the action and focus on the essentials in peace and quiet.


Mindful Space

A retreat for organizing thoughts, manifesting what you have experienced and worked on and to find and formulate new impulses.

Outer Space

Event seating team

Team event seating layout

Workshop seating

Workshop seating layout

Event seating

Grundriss Plenar-Bestuhlung

Facilities and services.

Individual room concept

  • 190 sqm industrial loft
    three separable areas
    (1x 120 sqm, 2x 20 sqm)
  • up to 40 seats
  • up to 60 standing places
  • Can be individually designed
  • 4.00 meter room height
  • Sustainable furniture, fabrics and other materials and suppliers

Hybrid technology

    • 2x 65 inch screen
    • Flipcharts & whiteboards & writable walls
    • Logitech Rally Plus conference system
    • Wifi (250Mbit)
    • Sonos & Peavey sound system
    • Shure & Rode Wireless Go microphones
    • Professional streaming studio on request

Professional kitchen

    • Gas stove
    • Gas grill
    • Wok
    • Steam cooker
    • Pizza oven
    • Rice cooker
    • Wine fridge
    • BBQ

Event Management
& Private Chef

    • Concept development
    • Spatial planning
    • Planning
    • Organization
    • Private Chef Julian Schaber
    • Healthy, sustainable, seasonal and local food and drinks

Events und Workshops die Herzen berühren.

In the kensho loft, an exclusive and customizable space of 190 sqm awaits you – ideal for events of all kinds, whether for a day or longer. With space for up to 80 people, 40 of whom can be comfortably seated, we can flexibly adapt to your needs and budget.

Decide for yourself whether the kensho loft with the included drinks flat rate is enough for you or whether you prefer the complete package with our popular catering for an all-round carefree experience.

Please note that each booking is made up of the basic room rental #base and an individually selected event flat rate. All our prices are subject to VAT at the statutory rate.

Room rental #base

The room rental is the basis for your booking at kensho loft


  • Rent (8:00 – 18:00)
  • 190 square meters spread over 4 areas
  • from 5 up to 30 seats (theater seating)
  • Space for a total of 60 people standing
  • Further settings possible on request

Exclusive service

  • Conference package
  • Alcoholic beverages
  • Event management and event support as required
  • Overtime from 18:00 to 22:00 € 280.00 (flat rate)
  • Use of kitchen
  • Final cleaning + disinfection

Room rental from 860,00 €
excl. VAT.


Event package #core incl. drinks

Looking for a first-class room equipped with state-of-the-art technology and a range of refreshing drinks? Our #core event package offers you just that. Located in the heart of Stuttgart’s vibrant east, you have the option to dine at lunchtime in one of the many nearby restaurants or have a meal of your choice delivered. Perfect for anyone looking for a professional and inspiring setting with full catering flexibility.

+ Getränke

Teinacher Wasser
Kaffee und Tee
(zur Selbstversorgung inklusive)

+ Arbeitsmaterial

+ Bestuhlung nach Wahl

+ Technology and equipment

  • 2x 65 inch screen
  • Flipcharts & whiteboards & writable walls
  • Logitech Rally Plus conference system
  • Wifi (250Mbit)
  • Sonos & Peavey sound system
  • Shure & Rode Wireless Go microphones

from 25 € per person
plus VAT.


Event package #prime incl. drinks + catering

If you want to focus completely on your event and know that all orga details are in experienced hands, our #prime conference package is just right for you. We take care of all the planning and coordination. In addition, we will spoil you with an excellent culinary offer that will ensure that you feel completely at ease during the entire event. Full focus on your goal with our comprehensive event package #prime.


+ all services from #core

+ drinks

+ working material

+ seating of your choice

+ technology and equipment

+ Culinary accompaniment

Enjoy a day full of culinary highlights with our private chef Julian. Start with a high-energy breakfast, fortify yourselves with a team lunch at the large table and round off the afternoon with cakes and pastries. An all-round culinary experience that will make your workshop unforgettable.


from 52 € per person
plus VAT.


Event package #unique incl. drinks + catering + cooking event

Our #unique event package is ideal for an intensive team-building experience that utilizes the atmosphere of the Kensho Loft in the evening. The focus here is on cooking together, an activity that is not only fun, but also effectively strengthens team dynamics and a sense of togetherness. Afterwards, you can sit back and enjoy an exclusive 3-course meal that rounds off the day’s shared experiences in style. Ideal for teams who want to strengthen their bond and spend an unforgettable evening together.

+ all services from #prime

+ drinks

+ working material

+ seating of your choice

+ technology and equipment

+ Culinary accompaniment
(breakfast, team lunch, afternoon snack, team cooking)

+ Overtime

+ kitchen use

+ Alcoholic beverages (beer, wine, sparkling wine, gin & tonic)


from 86 € per person
plus VAT.


Pictures that stay in your heart.

The kensho loft is a sought-after hotspot for photographers and filmmakers. With its unique blend of industrial charm, sustainable and mindful elegance, it offers an ideal backdrop for creative photo shoots and film projects. The spacious 190 square meters of the loft are thoughtfully designed and offer versatile, inspiring backgrounds. The open room structure and characteristic design elements allow for a variety of image compositions and moods.

Natural light floods in through large windows, which is particularly attractive for photographers. The flexible room design also makes it easy to rearrange furniture and decorative elements to achieve the perfect shot. Whether for fashion shoots, portraits, advertising productions, feature films or artistic projects – the aesthetics and flexibility of the kensho loft make it a popular place for creative people looking for an unusual location.


Shooting package

For film and photo shoots, we offer you the kensho loft as required without all the frills.

Services included

  • Room rental (8:00 – 18:00)
  • Final cleaning + disinfection
  • Insurance

Exclusive service

  • Drinks according to consumption
  • Alcoholic drinks
  • Overtime from 18:00 to 22:00 € 280.00 (all-inclusive)
  • Use of event + workshop technology
  • Use of kitchen

Shooting Fee from 930,00 € excl. VAT.


Private dinners and unique experiences

Discover the kensho loft as your exclusive backdrop for special dinner concepts. In this unique industrial loft, private dinners and exclusive cooking courses for up to 12 people are transformed into extraordinary experiences. With its stylish ambience, the kensho loft offers the ideal setting for intimate dinners and cooking courses that will live long in the memory.

Enjoy unique gourmet moments and guided experiences that develop your awareness, touch your senses, awaken emotions and create unforgettable moments.

In hectic everyday life, it is sometimes not so easy to find peace and quiet. To reflect on yourself. To consciously guide yourself. To be fully in the moment. At the Silent Dinner, we take away your language and connect you intensively with yourself and your senses. An evening in which you will savor every moment.

Without the distraction of verbal communication, we create a space in which your ego fades into the background and you can fully engage with yourself and others.

Accompanied by calm music, interpersonal connections, aromas and scents unfold more intensely than words can describe. Together you will experience how profoundly we can express ourselves without speaking to each other. You will feel how alive every moment feels when you enjoy it with all your senses.

We are happy to integrate the Silent Dinner into your team development or offer it as a stand-alone event.

Event location with private chef & event host

Hi, I’m Julian, your event host and private chef at kensho loft. In my role as chef, I take care of your catering and surprise you with various culinary creations. A central focus of our philosophy is to emphasize the freshness of regional ingredients. Every dish we offer is carefully selected and prepared with fresh ingredients from the region to ensure the unique taste and quality of our dishes. Depending on the season, we recommend various vegetarian/vegan delicacies.


Food & drinks for body & mind

We always indulge your senses with a selection of refreshing drinks and prepare a delicious food package for you, depending on which conference package you choose.

Whether it’s breakfast, lunch, an afternoon snack or live cooking in the evening – eating together brings people together. It creates a valuable opportunity to engage with others and yourself. Away from the business context and towards people. That’s why what we serve our guests at kensho loft is much more to us than just catering. It is an essential core of our concept to create closeness and open hearts.

Got a taste for it?

Co-create with professionals

We are at your side

For an extraordinary event, not only the space but also the content has to be right. If you like, you can have both: the makers behind the kensho loft are the experienced leadership, change and new work consultants, trainers, coaches, facilitators and experience designers from the beautiful ugly truth.

Together with a network of inspiring experts and speakers, we support you in the conception and implementation of extraordinary workshop, training and event concepts.

Get to know the partners

kensho loft is more than just a business location. Together with our partners, we create unique experiences for you.

Claus Eismanufaktur

Give your event a special space.

We look forward to seeing you!

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